Budget and Policy Contact Information

Legislative Services Office
Budget and Policy Analysis
700 W. Jefferson St.
Boise, ID 83720
Phone: 334-3531
Fax: 334-2668

Budget Staff

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Cathy Holland-Smith, Division Manager
Phone: 208-334-4731 
Cathy email
Legislative Branch, Executive Office of the Governor, Division of Financial Management

Paul Headlee, Deputy Division Manager
Public Schools & Higher Education
Phone: 208-334-4746
Paul email
Public School Support, Educational Services for the Deaf and the Blind, Agricultural Research and Extension, College and Universities, Community Colleges, Health Education Programs, Office of the State Board of Education, Professional-Technical Education, Special Programs, Superintendent of Public Instruction, STEM Action Center

Richard Burns, Principal Budget & Policy Analyst
Human Services & Public Safety
Phone: 208-334-4742 
Richard email
Idaho State Police, Military Division, Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Lieutenant Governor, Idaho Public Television, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, State Independent Living Council, Commission on Hispanic Affairs

Ray Houston, Principal Budget & Policy Analyst
Natural Resources  
Phone: 208-334-4741
Ray email
Department of Environmental Quality, Department of Fish & Game, Department of Lands, Endowment Fund Investment Board, Department of Parks & Recreation, Lava Hot Springs Foundation, Department of Water Resources, Department of Agriculture, Soil & Water Conservation Commission, Public Utilities Commission, Office of Energy Resources, Office of Species Conservation, Statewide Budget and Reconciliation Report, Legislative Systems Coordinator (GEMS), Appropriation Bill Coordinator

Keith Bybee, Principal Budget & Policy Analyst
Economic Development
Phone 208-334-4739
Keith email
Department of Commerce, Department of Finance, Industrial Commission, Department of Insurance, Department of Revenue & Taxation, Department of Labor, Regulatory Boards, Division of Building Safety, State Liquor Division, State Lottery, Economic Outlook & Revenue Assessment Committee (EORAC), Revenue Monitoring /General Fund Update

Robyn Lockett, Principal Budget & Policy Analyst
Transportation and General Government
Phone 208-334-4745
Robyn email
Department of Administration, Permanent Building Fund, Capitol Commission, Idaho Transportation Department, Division of Human Resources, PERSI, Arts Commission, State Controller, Historical Society, Commission for Libraries, Change in Employee Compensation (CEC) and Employee Benefits

Jared Tatro, Principal Budget & Policy Analyst
Health and Human Services
Phone 208-334-4740
Jared T. email
Department of Health & Welfare, Catastrophic Health Care Program (CAT Fund), Public Health Districts, Division of Veterans Services, Medical Boards, Commission on Aging, Office of Drug Policy, Health Care Task Force, Millennium Fund Committee, Statewide Cost Allocation(SWCAP)

Jared Hoskins, Senior Budget & Policy Analyst
Public Safety and General Government
Phone 208-334-4743
Jared H. email
Department of Correction, Board of Correction, Commission for Pardons & Parole, Department of Juvenile Corrections, Judicial Branch, Attorney General, State Treasurer, Secretary of State, State Appellate Public Defender, Public Defense Commission, Justice Reinvestment Oversight Committee

Shane Winslow
IT Systems Manager
Phone: 208-334-4738

Margaret Major
Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 208-334-3531