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 18-922. Order -- Transmittal to law enforcement agency. (1) A no contact order may be imposed either by order of the court or by an Idaho criminal rule, as a condition of bond.
(2)  (a) Notice of a no contact order shall be forwarded by the clerk of the court, or by the arresting agency where the defendant is given notice of the bond condition under an Idaho court rule, on or before the next judicial day, to the appropriate law enforcement agency.
(b)  Upon receipt of such notice, the law enforcement agency shall forthwith enter the order into the Idaho law enforcement telecommunications system available in this state used by law enforcement agencies to list outstanding warrants. Entry into the Idaho law enforcement telecommunications system constitutes notice to all law enforcement agencies of the existence of the order. The order is fully enforceable in any county in the state.
(3)  Law enforcement agencies shall establish procedures reasonably adequate to assure that an officer approaching or actually at the scene of an incident may be informed of the existence of such no contact order.
(4)  A no contact order shall remain in effect for the term set by the court or an Idaho criminal rule, or until terminated by the court.

[18-922, added 1997, ch. 314, sec. 3, p. 930.]

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