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     Idaho Statutes

33-1273A.  negotiations in open session. (1)  Any other provision of law notwithstanding, including any provisions to the contrary in section 67-2345, Idaho Code, all negotiations pursuant to this act shall be in open session and shall be open and available for the public to attend.
(2)  All documentation exchanged between the parties during negotiations, including all offers, counteroffers and meeting minutes shall be subject to public writings disclosure laws.
(3)  Any other provision of law notwithstanding, including any other provisions to the contrary in sections 33-402 and 67-2343, Idaho Code, the district shall post notice of all negotiation sessions at the earliest possible time practicable. This shall be done by the district immediately posting notice of the negotiation session on the front page of its district website. If time permits, the district shall also post notice within twenty-four (24) hours at its regular meeting physical posting locations.

[33-1273A, added 2013, ch. 155, sec. 2, p. 368.]

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