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 33-3012. State museum of natural history. (1) Recognizing the importance of our natural heritage to the citizens of the state of Idaho, and the need for a state museum of natural history which would preserve and interpret natural history objects and which would provide educational services about our natural heritage for both residents and visitors through its own facilities and by supporting and encouraging local and municipal natural history museums throughout the state of Idaho, there is hereby created and established at Idaho State University a state museum of natural history to be known as the Idaho museum of natural history, where tangible objects and documents reflecting our natural heritage may be collected, preserved, studied, interpreted, and displayed for educational and cultural purposes.
(2)  The Idaho museum of natural history may receive gifts, contributions, and donations of all kinds for the purpose of support and maintenance of the museum, and may receive tangible objects and specimens for the development of collections, educational programs and exhibits.

[33-3012, added 1986, ch. 239, sec. 1, p. 651.]

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