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 34-1008. Deposit of absentee ballots. Between the opening and closing of the polls on such election day the judges of election of such precinct shall open the carrier envelope only, announce the absent elector's name, and in the event they find such applicant to be a duly registered elector of the precinct and that he has not heretofore voted at the election, they shall open the return envelope and remove the ballot envelopes and deposit the same in the proper ballot boxes and cause the absent elector's name to be entered on the poll books the same as though he had been present and voted in person. The ballot envelope shall not be opened until the ballots are counted.

[34-1008, added 1970, ch. 140, sec. 169, p. 351; am. 1995, ch. 215, sec. 14, p. 753.]

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