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 34-1810. Printing and designation of ballot titles on official ballots. (1) The secretary of state, at the time he furnishes to the county clerks of the several counties certified copies of the names of candidates for state and district offices shall furnish to each of said county clerks a certified copy of the ballot titles and numbers of the several measures to be voted upon at the ensuing general election, and he shall use for each measure the ballot title designated in the manner herein provided.
(a)  Such ballot title shall not resemble, so far as to probably create confusion, any such title previously filed for any measure to be submitted at that election.
(b)  The ballot shall include a clear and concise statement as to the effect of a "yes" or "no" vote, prepared jointly by the attorney general and secretary of state.
(2)  The secretary of state shall number the measures consecutively beginning with number (1), in the order in which the measures were finally filed with the secretary. The measures shall be designated on the ballot as a "Proposition One," "Proposition Two," et cetera.

[34-1810, added 1933, ch. 210, sec. 10, p. 431; am. 1988, ch. 48, sec. 7, p. 72; am. 2003, ch. 147, sec. 2, p. 425.]

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