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 39-4501. Purposes -- Application. (1) The primary purposes of this chapter are:
(a)  To provide and codify Idaho law concerning consent for the furnishing of hospital, medical, dental, surgical and other health care, treatment or procedures, and concerning what constitutes an informed consent for such health care, treatment or procedures; and
(b)  To provide certainty and clarity in the law of medical consent in the furtherance of high standards of health care and its ready availability in proper cases.
(2)  Nothing in this chapter shall be deemed to amend or repeal the provisions of chapter 3 or chapter 4, title 66, Idaho Code, as those provisions pertain to hospitalization or commitment of people with mental illness or developmental disability or the powers of guardians of developmentally disabled persons, nor the provisions of chapter 6, title 18, Idaho Code, pertaining to the provision of examinations, prescriptions, devices and informational materials regarding prevention of pregnancy or pertaining to therapeutic abortions and consent to the performance thereof.
(3)  Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to permit or require the provision of health care for a patient in contravention of the patient's stated or implied objection thereto upon religious grounds nor shall anything in this chapter be construed to require the granting of permission for or on behalf of any patient who is not able to act for himself by his parent, spouse or guardian in violation of the religious beliefs of the patient or the patient's parent or spouse.

[39-4501, added 2005, ch. 120, sec. 2, p. 380; am. 2006, ch. 214, sec. 1, p. 645; am. 2007, ch. 196, sec. 1, p. 579; am. 2012, ch. 302, sec. 1, p. 825.]

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