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     Idaho Statutes

54-5106.  Exemptions. This chapter is not intended to and does not prohibit, restrict or apply to:
(1)  The practice of a profession by individuals who are licensed, certified or registered under other laws of this state and are performing services within the authorized scope of practice; or
(2)  The practice of naturopathic medicine by an individual employed by the federal government while the individual is engaged in the performance of duties prescribed by the laws and regulations of the United States; or
(3)  An individual rendering aid to a family member or in an emergency, when no fee or other consideration for the service is charged, received, expected or contemplated; or
(4)  A person engaged in the sale of vitamins, health foods, over the counter homeopathic products, dietary supplements, herbs, or other products of nature, the sale of which is not otherwise prohibited under state or federal law; or
(5)  A person engaged in good faith for religious reasons as a matter of conscience; or
(6)  The practice by a naturopathic physician duly licensed in another state, territory or the District of Columbia when that naturopathic physician is incidentally called into this state for consultation with a licensed physician; or
(7)  The practice of naturopathic medicine by students enrolled in an approved naturopathic medical program. Services shall be performed pursuant to a course of instruction or assignments from an instructor and under the supervision and observation of the instructor; or
(8)  Those who practice massage therapy; or
(9)  The practice and providing of natural health care services as defined herein in compliance with sections 54-5107 and 54-1804, Idaho Code, by a person who is not licensed, certified or registered in this state as a health care professional or practitioner.

[54-5106, added 2005, ch. 329, sec. 1, p. 1029.]

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