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 55-2009D. release of owner's interest in abandoned home. (1) A legal owner of an abandoned home in the possession of a person holding a lien under the provisions of this chapter may release any interest in the home after the lien has attached.
(2)  The release shall contain the following information:
(a)  A description of the abandoned home, including the year, make and vehicle identification number;
(b)  The names and addresses of the legal owners of record;
(c)  A statement of the amount of the lien and the facts concerning the claim which give rise to the lien; and
(d)  A statement that the person releasing the interest understands that he or she has a legal right to a hearing in court prior to the sale of the abandoned home and that he or she waives the right to contest the claim.
(3)  A copy of the release shall be filed with the department in connection with the transfer of interest in an abandoned home under the provisions of this section.

[55-2009D, added 2011, ch. 184, sec. 13, p. 529.]

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