Idaho State Legislature - Real Time Notification

Thank you for your interest in the Idaho State Legislatures real time notification pilot project.

The purpose of this project is to extend timely and informative updates, regarding the business of the participating committees, to a greater number of people via widely accepted social media channels; specifically, Facebook and Twitter.

It is our intent to provide updates for each committee when agendas are available (with a link), shortly before meetings come to order, and when committee minutes are completed and posted to the web (also with a link). For the House and Senate chambers respectively, alerts will be sent before each debate with a link to the bill before the body. At the conclusion of the floor debate an update will be posted reflecting the results of the vote.



The following committees are currently participating:
Senate Agricultural AffairsTwitterFacebook
Senate Commerce and Human ResourcesTwitterFacebook
Senate EducationTwitterFacebook
Senate Health and WelfareTwitterFacebook
Senate Judiciary and RulesTwitterFacebook
Senate Local Government and TaxationTwitterFacebook
Senate Resources and EnvironmentTwitterFacebook
Senate State AffairsTwitterFacebook
Senate TransportationTwitterFacebook
House Agricultural AffairsTwitterFacebook
House BusinessTwitterFacebook
House Commerce and Human ResourcesTwitterFacebook
House EducationTwitterFacebook
House Environment, Energy, and TechnologyTwitterFacebook
House Health and WelfareTwitterFacebook
House Judiciary, Rules, and AdministrationTwitterFacebook
House Local GovernmentTwitterFacebook
House Resources and ConservationTwitterFacebook
House Revenue and TAxationTwitterFacebook
House State AffairsTwitterFacebook
House Transportation and DefenseTwitterFacebook

Note:This is designed to be a broadcast service, rather than an interactive one, and is not intended as a substitute or to augment any part of the legislative process. Idahos Legislators do welcome your feedback; however, the best vehicle for electronically communicating with legislators is the legislative web page which provides contact information and tools for emailing legislators directly.

Any comments left on this page will not be relayed to committee chairpersons, committee members or members of the legislative body. Periodically, all comments will be removed from this page in order to maintain a streamline flow of information, consistent with the broadcast intent.