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73rd LEGISLATIVE DAY March 19, 2014
4 PM
Bill Number Description
H 649 by APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE - APPROPRIATIONS - WOLF CONTROL FUND - Appropriates and transfers $400,000 from the General Fund to the Wolf Control Fund for fiscal year 2015.
H 650 by APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE - APPROPRIATIONS - DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATION - Appropriates an additional $4,800,000 to the Department of Administration for the Idaho Education Network for a portion of fiscal year 2015; allots the appropriation by month; specifies the use of the appropriation; requires service audits; and requires monthly reports.
H 651 by APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE - APPROPRIATIONS - LEGISLATIVE SERVICES OFFICE - Appropriates an additional $90,000 to the Legislative Services Office for fiscal year 2015; and provides legislative intent regarding service audits.