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51st LEGISLATIVE DAY March 3, 2015
10 AM
Bill Number Sponsor Description
HJM 8 Palmer(20) by STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - TRANSPORTATION - Stating findings of the Legislature and urging and petitioning the Congress of the United States to enact the pending legislation introduced by the Idaho congressional delegation providing legal authority to the State of Idaho to determine whether to allow 129,000-pound vehicles on the federal Interstate highway system in Idaho.
HCR 15 Bateman(33) by STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - STATEHOOD ANNIVERSARY - Stating findings of the Legislature and celebrating the 125th anniversary of statehood for Idaho.
HCR 16 Troy(5) by HEALTH AND WELFARE COMMITTEE - BENEWAH COUNTY - Stating findings of the Legislature and recognizing and congratulating Benewah County and its residents for the county's Centennial Anniversary in 2015.
H 53aa Holtzclaw(20) by TRANSPORTATION AND DEFENSE COMMITTEE - CODE OF MILITARY JUSTICE - Repeals and adds to existing law to enact and specify the provisions of the Model State Code of Military Justice to provide for arrest, to provide for regulatory authority and to provide for immunity.
H 120aa Chaney(10) by COMMERCE AND HUMAN RESOURCES COMMITTEE - ECONOMIC ADVISORY COUNCIL - Amends existing law to revise provisions for who may be appointed to the Economic Advisory Council and to revise a provision for compensation for members of the council.
H 137aa Trujillo(33) by JUDICIARY, RULES, AND ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE - PUBLIC EMPLOYEE RETIREMENT SYSTEM - Amends existing law to provide that certain deputy sheriffs and city police officers who act in a supervisory capacity shall not lose their police officer status.