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89th LEGISLATIVE DAY April 10, 2015
10 AM
Bill Number Sponsor Description
H 260 Monks(22) by TRANSPORTATION AND DEFENSE COMMITTEE - TRANSPORTATION - Amends and adds to existing law to revise provisions concerning the apportionment of the highway distribution account; to revise transfer fee provisions concerning certain revenue received by the petroleum clean water trust fund; to provide for the distribution of transfer fees and interest accruing to the petroleum clean water trust fund; to provide for an electric vehicle fee and to provide for a hybrid vehicle fee; to provide for certain transfers from the general fund to the highway distribution account upon the occurrence of certain conditions, to provide for appropriation and to provide a sunset provision; to revise provisions concerning tax on motor fuel, to provide for the reduction in tax on motor fuel upon the occurrence of certain conditions and to provide a sunset provision.
S 1112 Nielsen(23) by STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - STATE OFFICE VACANCIES - Amends existing law to provide whenever an appointee's term has expired as prescribed by law, the governor or other appointing authority shall reappoint the appointee to the position within 12 months of the expiration, or such office shall be declared vacant if certain events by the governor or the appointing authority occur, and to provide for documentation to accompany appointments and to provide procedures.
S 1191 Bell(25) by FINANCE COMMITTEE - APPROPRIATIONS - Appropriates and transfers $25,000,000 from the General Fund to the Budget Stabilization Fund in fiscal year 2016; and limits the fiscal year 2017 statutory transfer.