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36th LEGISLATIVE DAY February 15, 2016
10 AM
Bill Number Sponsor Description
H 331 Luker(15)
by STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES - Amends existing law to define "powdered alcohol," to prohibit the possession, use, sale or purchase of powdered alcohol and to provide for the revocation of liquor licenses held by violators.
H 413 Wills(23)
by TRANSPORTATION AND DEFENSE COMMITTEE - MOTOR VEHICLES - Amends and adds to existing law to provide for Idaho Friends of the Orofino Maniacs license plates.
HCR 28 Holtzclaw(20) by TRANSPORTATION AND DEFENSE COMMITTEE - MILITARY FAMILIES - Stating findings of the Legislature and recognizing the commitment, sacrifice and courage our military families consistently demonstrate through appropriate public events, ceremonies, patriotic activities in our communities and private prayers, and recognizing 2016 throughout the State of Idaho as the Year of Idaho Military Families.
H 356 Kauffman(25) by TRANSPORTATION AND DEFENSE COMMITTEE - MILITARY DIVISION - Repeals and amends existing law regarding the duties of the Adjutant General.