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March 20, 2014 9:30 A.M. 74th Legislative Day
Sponsor Number Description
Senator Guthrie(28) H 584 by REVENUE AND TAXATION COMMITTEE - HOMESTEAD EXEMPTIONS - Amends existing law to revise provisions relating to those considered to be in active military service.
Senator Rice(10) H 598 by WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE - SALES AND USE TAX - Amends existing law to clarify the definition of "remotely accessed computer software" that is not subject to sales taxation and to clarify certain other provisions related to computer software.
Senator Keough(1) S 1430 by FINANCE COMMITTEE - APPROPRIATIONS - ELECTED OFFICIAL SALARIES - Appropriates an additional $1,800 to the Executive Office of the Governor; $4,200 to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor; $1,500 to the Secretary of State; $1,500 to the State Controller; $10,200 to the Attorney General; $1,500 to the State Treasurer; and $1,500 to the Superintendent of Public Instruction for fiscal year 2015.
Senator Siddoway(35) H 441aaS by REVENUE AND TAXATION COMMITTEE - PERSONAL PROPERTY TAXATION - Amends existing law to clarify the exemption from taxation law for personal property that passed the Legislature in 2008 and 2013.
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Senator Schmidt(5) S 1424 by FINANCE COMMITTEE - APPROPRIATIONS - DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND WELFARE - MEDICAID - Appropriates $2,033,290,000 for the Medicaid Division in the Department of Health and Welfare for fiscal year 2015; limits the number of authorized full-time equivalent positions to 210; provides for transfers to the Cooperative Welfare Fund; limits transfers from trustee and benefit payments; provides legislative intent regarding program integrity; requires monthly Medicaid tracking reports; provides for transfers between programs; requires quarterly reports regarding the impacts of House Bill No. 260 of 2011; requires quarterly reports regarding managed care implementation; and provides guidance for employee compensation.
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Senator McKenzie(13) S 1336 by STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - LEGISLATIVE STANDING - Adds to existing law to provide for legislative standing to participate in lawsuits and to provide for indemnification.
Senator Cameron(27) H 589 by EDUCATION COMMITTEE - SCHOOL SAFETY - PUBLIC SCHOOL INCOME FUND - Amends existing law to establish provisions relating to a school safety plan; to revise provisions relating to the Public School Income Fund and the use of moneys and to revise provisions relating to uses of an appropriation.