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March 30, 2015 3 P.M. 78th Legislative Day
Sponsor Number Description
  S 1178 by FINANCE COMMITTEE - APPROPRIATIONS - SECRETARY OF STATE - Appropriates an additional $2,000,000 to the Secretary of State for fiscal year 2016 for the presidential primary; and transfers $780,000 from the Consolidated Elections Fund to the General Fund.
  S 1179 by FINANCE COMMITTEE - APPROPRIATIONS - OFFICE OF PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS - LEGISLATIVE BRANCH - Appropriates an additional $250,000 to the Office of Performance Evaluations for fiscal year 2016; and exempts appropriation object transfer limitations for the Office of Performance Evaluations.
  S 1180 by FINANCE COMMITTEE - APPROPRIATIONS - H&W, PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICES - TRAILER - Appropriates an additional $223,500 to the Department of Health and Welfare for the Physical Health Services Program for fiscal year 2016 to be used for the costs associated with an expanded access program to treat children with epileptic seizures.