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February 27, 2015 10 A.M. 47th Legislative Day
Sponsor Number Description
  SCR 113 by STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - AGRICULTURE - Stating findings of the Legislature and rejecting a certain rule docket of the Idaho State Department of Agriculture relating to Rules Governing Livestock Dealers, Buying Stations, and Livestock Trader Lots.
  SCR 114 by STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - VETERINARY MEDICINE - Stating findings of the Legislature and rejecting a certain rule docket of the Board of Veterinary Medicine relating to Rules of the State of Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine.
  S 1110 by FINANCE COMMITTEE - APPROPRIATIONS - APPELLATE PUBLIC DEFENDER - Appropriates an additional $94,900 to the Office of the State Appellate Public Defender for fiscal year 2015.
  S 1111 by STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - MINIMUM WAGE - Amends existing law to increase Idaho's minimum wage, including that for a tipped employee and a youth worker.
  S 1112 by STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - STATE OFFICE VACANCIES - Amends existing law to provide whenever an appointee's term has expired as prescribed by law, the governor or other appointing authority shall reappoint the appointee to the position within 12 months of the expiration, or such office shall be declared vacant if certain events by the governor or the appointing authority occur, and to provide for documentation to accompany appointments and to provide procedures.
  S 1113 by STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - IDAHO BEEF COUNCIL - Amends existing law to authorize the council to lease, purchase or own personal property and to lease real property deemed necessary in the administration of specified law.